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It wasn’t long after I sold my E-Type to a fellow in England when a friend of mine gave me a call and told me about a 9-page spread in the Sept. 2011 issue of Octane Magazine. Incredulous, I went to a local bookstore and bought a few issues. There she was, in the 50th Anniversary Issue of the E-Type, in an article entitled “London Calling” (there was a popular song being played around that time of the same name). It was somewhat bitter-sweet seeing my E-Type in the magazine, identifiable right down to the same key fob in the ignition. I was certainly sorry that it was no longer my car, but at the same time, that it was getting a bit of good press and it was being driven….something I just seemed to not find enough time for in my latter years.

The article was predominately about the E-Type and how it was to drive. There wasn’t too much said about the previous owner (me) or where it came from except this (page 6 and 7):

“This car, generously loaned by classic car dealer Peter Bradfield, is an absolutely stock example. It is essentially a new E-Type exactly as it left the factory in 1966. This is because it is a 100-point concours winner, so everything down to the last decal is as it should be. So no little mechanical tweaks here or improvements there; this example is as pure as the local village virgin, to use completely the wrong analogy.”

I have not been able to keep up with the car as much as I would have liked to, nor has anyone from the UK contacted me as it’s new owner. I still have boxes of original parts that should have gone with the car, including the original (and correctly dated) windshield. Oh well. Perhaps the license sticker on page 3…GWB-600… can possibly allow me to find its present owner. I would like to see a few pictures of where she now lives. So very much of my life and my efforts as a young man went into this car. But it was time to pass the torch…not a doubt in my mind.

So, here are the pages of the article “London Calling”, as found in the Sept 2011 issue of Octane Magazine. These pages were copied without permission, so my due respect, recognition, and appreciation to Octane Magazine, a fantastic publication! By the way, if you are an E-Type owner or enthusiast, this issue is a MUST for your collection!
Each page should be clickable to a larger version to read.

Octane Cover

Article Page 1 Resized

Article Page 2 Resized

Article Page 3 Resized

Article Page 4 Resized

Article Page 5 Resized

Article Page 6 Resized

Article page 7 Resized

Article Page 8 Resized

Article Page 9 Resized

I included the back cover of this issue only because this is a really fantastic poster for Goodwood Revival...wish I could find a copy!!

I included the back cover of this issue only because this is a really fantastic poster for Goodwood Revival…wish I could find a copy!!


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